Mafia MoFo

Mafia MoFo

Mafia MoFo is a free online role-playing game about a mobster gang
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Mafia MoFo is a free online role-playing game about a mobster gang. Your goal in this game is to get wealthy by committing different crimes, such as stealing things from people or robbing banks. You have a wide number of options, and you can choose you own path and build your own strategy to achieve your goal.

You are in Jersey City. You can visit several shops in order to buy goods that will help you in your career as a criminal, which you will pay with your earned money. Your initial credit will be 3,000 dollars. You can increase that amount by committing certain crimes, but it may also decrease if you spend or lose your money. In order to get more money, you can choose any crimes from the list. The crimes with the highest pay-offs also carry the highest risks. Some crimes will have no risk at all, but they will earn you just a few dollars. You can also engage into fights with other people, where you may also earn or lose money. The game is similar to reality, as sometimes you will even be sent to hospital!

You can deposit your money in the bank, to avoid others to steal it from you. As you will fight against other players worldwide, you can use the gym to work out and beat everyone else.

Mafia Mofo offers you many different alternatives that you will surely enjoy if you are an RPG fan.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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